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The problem with the prostate begins to bother a man after the age of 40! It happens that younger men also struggle with the disease. Symptoms that accompany prostatitis usually develop gradually and can be detected sooner. However, there are situations in which the health condition worsens suddenly, then mainly acute prostatitis. The initial symptoms should not be underestimated, as they may even contribute to sperm deterioration, a decrease in sexual desire, and the appearance of blood in the sperm. The main symptoms of the prostate are: urinary incontinence, pressure on the bladder, pain in the perineum and urination, increased temperature, difficulty in getting and maintaining an erection, a problem with premature ejaculation or a decrease in the quality of sex life. The most common factor in inflammation of the prostate gland is bacterial infection of the colon, which usually enters the body through the sexual or blood supply. The occupational groups most at risk of prostate disorder are drivers and office workers. This is because they are sitting for a long time, which adversely affects the health of the prostate. Male hormone levels also decline with age, which also contributes to an enlarged prostate. To avoid prostate disorders, you should take care of yourself and introduce the right supplements to your diet that will support our health. One of such supplements is undoubtedly Prostaffect. Prostaffect is a natural supplement whose ingredients have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the prostate gland and increase sexual performance. The formula of the preparation has been carefully developed and selected so that it is based only on natural and safe ingredients. The active ingredients contained in Prostaffect soothe inflammation of the prostate gland. In addition, they reduce pain, improve the function of the urinary system and maintain good prostate health. The ingredients of the product additionally increase the desire for sex and improve sexual performance. Prostaffect is the perfect product that works effectively for men between 40 and 70 years of age. The effects of the product are immediate, and most importantly, you do not have to worry about side effects. Already after the first week of use, the pain is reduced, and then the functioning of the urinary system improves. Monthly treatment allows you to free yourself from pain and problems with the prostate. The comfort of life will significantly improve and the ability to function properly will return.

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Many men struggle with the prostate problem. I understand well that this is not a comfortable situation for them and many of them do not know how to deal with the situation that has arisen. I try to help them and recommend a product that will improve their quality of life and relieve pain. One of such preparations, which enjoys good opinions among users and specialists, is Prostaffect. My opinion is similar, I believe that Prostaffect is an excellent alternative to synthetic drugs. Studies have shown that the product is effective for 98% of men between the ages of 40 and 70. Its advantage is also that it is completely natural and safe for health. It does not have any side effects. My patients confirm that the product works after the first week of use. Pain is definitely decreasing. They then observed an improvement in the functioning of the urinary system, thanks to which they reduced the number of visits to the toilet. After a month, they were completely free from pain! An additional benefit is that their sexual performance improved, which made them very happy! I believe that the product works great and it is worth trying it, perhaps it will relieve your suffering as well! I recommend!

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Adam 51 age


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I used Prostaffect for a month and I must admit that the preparation turned out to be a bull's eye! My prostate problem is over! After all, I don't have to go to the toilet so often, which is what makes me happy! I am a sales representative and often had nowhere to stay, which made my life very difficult. Fortunately, everything is over and I'm very happy about it!

Marek 47 age


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For some time my urinary system was not working as it should, I still had the feeling that my bladder was full and pain accompanied me when urinating. Fortunately, Prostaffect has appeared in my life! Thanks to him, my life changed. My urinary system started working properly and the pain was gone! This is an amazing preparation that I would gladly recommend to men in a similar situation.

Wojtek 40 age


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Not only was I struggling with a prostate disorder, my sexual performance also deteriorated significantly! I couldn't let that happen. I heard about Prostaffect, which not only took care of the prostate, but also restored my sexual performance! I changed running to the toilet for intoxicating nights with my partner. I believe that Prostaffect works 100%!

Karol 38 age


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Prostaffect is an innovative product that changed my life! My urinary system is in good hands, I'm free from pain and I'm sexually fit! It is a product based on natural ingredients that work well together. The preparation is extremely effective and its effect can already be noticed in the first week of use!

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- Saw palmetto berry extract

- Cereal pollen extract

- Ascorbic acid